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All custom made and measured to size

We supply and install with our Qualified Glaziers and service the Gold Coast, Gold Coast Hinterland, Tweed and South Brisbane regions. We have a wide range of styles and designs that should suit any space regardless of how difficult it may appear. We have a staff of experts who specialize in showerscreen installations and measuring.

Showers are typically broken down into three main style categories – Fully Framed, Semi Frameless and Frameless. 

Fully Framed Showers are known for being strong and robust. A frame covers all edges of the glass protecting it from potential knocks and accidental impact making them perfect for families who may be worried about their small children or perfect for owners of rental properties. Fully Framed Showers can come in a two or three door sliding set up or in a pivot swinging door with a magnetic full length handle.

We can use a number of different types of glass in a framed shower including Grade A safety laminated glass and Grade A Safety toughened glass, clear or frosted. Laminated glass has an interlayer of laminate that holds two separate pieces of glass together in the case of a breakage it would hold itself together with a crack. Toughened glass goes through a process that makes the glass much stronger and impact savvy however, if the toughened glass was to break it would shatter into a number of small pieces limiting the damage. Glass options for fully framed showers include, clear glass, frosted glass (Cathedral, Satinlite, Acid Etch etc.) and tinted glass (grey, bronze etc.).

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What Our Clients Say

"Thankyou Mackays Glass our new kitchen is AMAZING. Great work. Highly recommended"
Sheree Mason
"I can highly recommend Mackay’s Glass. After searching for some time unsuccessfully to have my shower screen replaced I found Mackay’s Glass. From the moment I contacted them they were in touch with me every step of the way. I am so happy with my new shower and will be using them again. So nice to use a professional company. Thank you"
Nicola McNamara

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